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FREE SHOW – Book Launch with Amber Dawn – June 13th at Venus Envy!

Hey, folks!
So VoV alumna, Lammy-award-winner, and all-around awesome Femme, Amber Dawn is doing a tour to launch her awesome new book of Glosas, Where the Words End and My Body Begins.
Her Ottawa stop will be a FREE show on Saturday, June 13th at Venus Envy. The show will start at at 7:30pm, will feature local performers Allison Armstrong and Kalyani Pandya, and will include a sex-positive write-in (audience non-mandatory participation, YAY) during the show.
There will be love-letters to queerdom, poetry about queer history, femme identity, modeling, & sexwork, short stories told and read, and, as the flyer puts it, a whole lot of “sex, sass, humour, and healing”.
In short, you should all come.

FREE show ft Amber Dawn, Kalyani Pandya, and ME!
Saturday, June 13th, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Venus Envy (226 Bank St, Ottawa)


Missing Person in Ottawa – Help & please spread the word

Nyk Morrigan / Laura Way: 36 years old. 5’4″.
Blue eyes + short, bright redish-burgundy hair.
Small nose-stud on right side. Eyebrow piercing on left side. Butterfly tattoo on upper-left chest.
No clothing description available. Believed to be traveling from Barhaven to Gatineau on the city bus around 8:15pm on Tuesday, October 7th.
If you know her whereabouts or have any information to share, please call the police at:
613-2361222 ext 2912

Alessandra Naccarato – Sneak Preview

Hey, everybody!
So, tonight is our Fabulous Third Birthday Party!
There will be four kinds of cupcakes:
Mocha (gluten-free)
Ginger-Peach (vegan)
Chocolate-Peppermint (wheat, eggs, and dairy)
White Chocolate Cranberry-Lemon (wheat, eggs, and dairy)
There will also be Give-Aways, AND
There will be Alessandra Naccarato!
Here’s a sneak-peak of the kind of poetry you can expect from our Fabulous Feature tonight:





VoV Feature on All in a Day

Fabulous news!

Jan Andrews will be telling tales and talking about tonight’s VoV show on CBC’s All in a Day (hosted by Alan Neal, whom some of you may have met at VERSeFest’s opening night, where he was playing MC).

You can listen to Jan’s interview on CBC RAdio One – 91.5fm on the radio, OR live-streaming online here. Show starts at 3pm, and Jan will be on at 4:45pm.

Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out

So, as I’ve mentioned, we’ve got Jan Andrews featuring at VoV this Wednesday.
I’m hella excited, because I’m a gender nut with a love of dyke history, and Jan will be telling Who Wants the Dress, which is all about coming out (to oneself and others), and coming to terms with the different layers of one’s identity.  The performance blends one of the stories from Sara Maitland‘s Angel Maker anthology with Jan’s own tale of coming out – first as a lesbian, and then as butch.
Kate Hunt saw this piece performed a while back at Once Upon a Slam, and she’s written a post about the show just in time for Jan’s appearance at VoV.  Go read it and see what you think, then come out and see us on Wednesday! 😀