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All of the Awesome in One Festival. OMG.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rogues. You may wish to take a gander at the VERSeFest 2014 Schedule, as it is fucking awesome.
These are just a few of the brilliant poets who will be strutting their stuff the March:
Lenelle Moïse, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Mary Pinkoski, D-Lightfull, Sarah de Leeuw, Marilyn Irwin, Philoso-Fire, Sarah Clancy, Sandra Alland, Selina Boan, Amanda Earl, Nina Berkhout, Liz Lochhead, Jenna Tenn-Yuk, Katherena Vermette, Sue Goyette, Karen Connelly, Susan Gillis, Margaret Christakos, Moe Clark, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Danielle K. L. Gregoire, Mary Ruefle, and buckets more.
I don’t know about you, but I’m very fucking excited. 😀


Poems by Trish Salah

Hey all.
Go take a peak at these three poems by Trish Salah, up at Feminist Wire.
They touch on disputed and contested bodies, ivory towers, power structures, and stollen countries.
I think you’ll like them.

Trobairitz (Catherine Owen) – Poetry Squee. :-)

So. While I was at VERSeFest, I picked up Catherine Owen’s latest poetry collection, Trobairitz, about-which I will now squee at length. 😀

Book Cover – Trobairitz (Catherine Owen) The author, bespiked and with black hair flying, wailing on her bass. Yes.

Me being me, perhaps its no surprise that I saw the cover and had to at least check it out. 😉
I pulled it off the merch table, and checked the description on the back cover:
Twenty-first century metalheads; twelfth century troubadours and their female counterparts, the trobairitz—what could they possibly have in common? The creation of an often misunderstood and at times reviled genre for one; for another, a kin preoccupation with the questioning of structures set up by class, gender, and religion.
So far, so good. That she got a blurb from Kate Braid (one of my favourite poets – you can listen to some of her poetry here) didn’t hurt, either.
But it was the random sellection – open the book at a random page, and see what’s there – that sold it for me.
I landed on a poem called “Metal Show” – a piece which, the next night, she performed in a spitfire style that would be at home on local slam stages – my heart sundered by the opening words “Tribe is what they are”. So, too, for Tribute (dedicated to RJ Dio), and for Plazer 3, for the Canso of As It Is, for the way she takes old forms and builds them into new situations, reforges those links between one rebelious, heretical musical tradition and another.
I’m biased, I know. I love the subject matter. Love metal, love music history, love this history of women’s voices, too. It’s my kind of book. 🙂
If it sounds like your kind of book, I recommend that you check it out, too. 🙂

Post-Show Discussion – Rubies Indeed

So, that was fucking awesome. 😀

The Rubies – Photo by Brian Pirie (…I Think)

We had a full house for our January show last night and, while the open mic was small, it was also good, featuring veteran scene poets and brand new performers alike. 🙂
I think if one phrase stuck out, for me, it was from Robin K. Macdonald’s set, her poem about Cree language and the names of birds, her words “hear you sound like the break of day”.
Holy life, it took my breath. O.O
Also, if any of you were, like me, wondering what “Ekphrastic” means, here you go. It means “writing that comments upon another art form, for instance a poem about a photograph or a novel about a film. Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn” is a prime example of this type of writing, since the entire poem concerns the appearance and meaning of an ancient piece of pottery”. In short, it’s a form of interstitial art. 🙂

Lady Katalyst chez VoV Tonight! :-D

Hey folks!
Here’s a youtube sampling of Lady Katalyst’s work. Enjoy the videos, and come out to see her live on our stage this evening. Doors and open-mic sign-up are at 7:30, show starts at 8pm. 😀






So there’s a taste of what you can expect this evening when Lady Katalyst goes solo on our stage. 🙂
See you there. 😀

Voices of Venus ft Lady Katalyst

It’s that time again!
This month, swing over to Voices of Venus to hear Montreal’s hip hop artist and jazz poet, Lady Katalyst, perform her melodic, narative-style poetry, and bring your own poems and stories to our all-women open mic. Performers get in free, otherwise it’s $5 at the door (though we won’t turn you away if you’re broke).

From her bio:
Lady Katalyst has been performing as a solo artist, and with the Kalmunity Vibe Collective, for over ten years in Montreal and throughout parts of Canada. Her styles range from Hiphop to Spoken Word to Jazzy melodic flows, covering real life subject matter story telling and lyrical phrasing. Her philosophy as an artist is to always push towards the unknown and to live outside of her comfort zone in order to create what’s next.

Lady Katalyist performs at VoV this Wednesday, October 10th
Doors and Open-Mic Sign-Up – 7:30
Show Starts at 8pm

Rhonda Douglas – Sneak Preview

Hey folks!

There’s going to be a small flurry of updates here and then some radio silence for a while. I’ve got to skip town for a funeral so the blog won’t be updated for a bit. 😦

However, I wanted to make sure that our upcoming events got posted and, as well, that you all got a sneak preview of this month’s feature, Rhonda Douglas, via some youtube videos. Here we go:

The first is just a quick one from 2010:

The second is Rhonda’s feature performance at Tree in 2011 (it’s close to half an hour long, so enjoy):

You can also catch 12 or 20 Questions with Rhonda Douglas over at rob mclennan’s blog, wherein Rhonda talks about poetry, writing, inspiration, and the roll of the writer in contemporary culture… among other things. 🙂