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Ontario Arts Council Funding

I am extremely happy to announce that, along with other local showcases and organizations, Voices of Venus has been granted funding by the Ontario Arts Council for the second year.

This is big news for us.  With the arts cuts that have been happening, we were more than a little worried that we’d be 100% donation-dependent – a situation that wouldn’t allow us to pay our feature performers appropriately.

So, while we’re hard at work, finding ways and means to keep ourselves from being as grant-dependent as we currently are, and while we are definitely still pulling a good chunk of our funding from the cover charge at our shows, we’re very, very happy to know that we can continue to bring fantastic performers in from both the local area and from out of town, and pay them well for their artistry.

As such, thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their much-appreciated support, both of Voices of Venus and of our fellow shows and organizations.  YAY! 😀