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FREE SHOW – Book Launch with Amber Dawn – June 13th at Venus Envy!

Hey, folks!
So VoV alumna, Lammy-award-winner, and all-around awesome Femme, Amber Dawn is doing a tour to launch her awesome new book of Glosas, Where the Words End and My Body Begins.
Her Ottawa stop will be a FREE show on Saturday, June 13th at Venus Envy. The show will start at at 7:30pm, will feature local performers Allison Armstrong and Kalyani Pandya, and will include a sex-positive write-in (audience non-mandatory participation, YAY) during the show.
There will be love-letters to queerdom, poetry about queer history, femme identity, modeling, & sexwork, short stories told and read, and, as the flyer puts it, a whole lot of “sex, sass, humour, and healing”.
In short, you should all come.

FREE show ft Amber Dawn, Kalyani Pandya, and ME!
Saturday, June 13th, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Venus Envy (226 Bank St, Ottawa)


Voices of Venus ft Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl FB Event Banner - April 2013
Amanda Earl is an Ottawa Poetry dynamo. She has no less than seven chapbooks to her name, and her work has appeared in numerous publications, most recently including: Rampike 19.2, the Cultural Mischief Issue; PRECIPICe, Volume 3; and Dusie 10.
She has been the managing editor for Bywords.ca and the Bywords Quarterly Journal for ten years; and also runs AngelHousePress through-which she publishes the Experiment-O annual e-magazine.
Amanda has performed on numerous stages around the city, including Tree, VERSeFest, and – back in 2009 – VoV’s very first show.
Tonight, she’s bringing us an erotically charged set featuring both poetry and prose. Do come out and join us. 🙂

VERSeFest 2013! :-D

So, as you all know, VERSeFest 2013 kicks off TONIGHT with a contingent of poets from Australia, among numerous others.
But I’m not here to talk about that.
I am, of course, tipping you all off about tomorrow’s 7pm show, Music In/Fusion ft Luna Allison and Lady Katalyst and present by yours truly, VoV. 🙂

Join us at Knox Presbyterian Church (Elgin at Lisgar) on Wednesday, March 13th at 7pm!  $10 at the door or through versefest.ca

Join us at Knox Presbyterian Church (Elgin at Lisgar) on Wednesday, March 13th at 7pm! $10 at the door or through versefest.ca

A bit about Luna:
Luna Allison is by turns a page poet, spoken word artist, playwright, journalist, singer and actor. She has been featured in numerous literary and spoken word series, festivals and venues across North America and heard on CBC Radio. Her award-winning first play, Falling Open, has been featured at the Ottawa Fringe, the Montreal Fringe and The Great Canadian Theatre Company’s Undercurrents Festival. Luna is currently working on a new play about sin and friendship, along with a collection of poems about patience called The Waiting Room.
A bit about Kat:
Lady Katalyst is a poet & hiphop artist based in Montreal, Canada, who has been performing as a solo artist and with the Kalmunity Vibe Collective for over ten years in Montreal and throughout parts of Canada. Her styles range from Hiphop to Spoken word to Jazz-infused melodic flows, and her work conveys real life situations through lyrical storytelling. Her philosophy as an artist is to always push towards the unknown and to live outside of her comfort zone in order to create what’s next. Her work has been published in ‘The Talking Book’. Her debut album, “Souliloquies”, brings words spoken, songs sung and raps flowed; blurring the lines between musical genres like hiphop, jazz, blues, reggae and soul.
Tickets are available online or at the door.
Come out and join us for an unforgetable evening!

Voices of Venus ft Jacqueline Lawrence

Hey there, all.
So February’s show is going to feature Jacqueline Lawrence, a glorious local poety who is also the programme director for 3 Dreads and A Baldhead’s literary series, as well as one of the hosts of CHUO 89.1FM’s Black on Black.

Jacqueline Lawrence performs at VoV this Wednesday, February 13th!
Bring your erotica to our all-women open mic and get in free! :-D

Jacqueline Lawrence performs at VoV this Wednesday, February 13th!
Bring your erotica to our all-women open mic and get in free! 😀

Jacqueline Lawrence received the Editor’s Choice Award from the National Library of Poetry for her submission to the River of Dreams anthology.
She has published two chapbooks with her writers’ collective “Write on the Edge”, as well as a solo chapbook, “Surrender”. She will release a second chapbook later this year.
Selected pieces from her pending collection “invisible visibility: on being black, fat and a woman” have been shared with audiences at various readings in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Antigua and Jamaica.
As always, bring your poetry and stories, particularly if you have erotic poetry/stories given that this month’s show is right before Valentine’s Day, to our all-women open mic and you get in free!
Otherwise, it’s $5 at the door for an evening of fabulous poetry and storytelling topped off with Jacqueline’s feature performance. 🙂
I look forward to seeing you all there. 😀

Post-Show Discussion – Rubies Indeed

So, that was fucking awesome. 😀

The Rubies – Photo by Brian Pirie (…I Think)

We had a full house for our January show last night and, while the open mic was small, it was also good, featuring veteran scene poets and brand new performers alike. 🙂
I think if one phrase stuck out, for me, it was from Robin K. Macdonald’s set, her poem about Cree language and the names of birds, her words “hear you sound like the break of day”.
Holy life, it took my breath. O.O
Also, if any of you were, like me, wondering what “Ekphrastic” means, here you go. It means “writing that comments upon another art form, for instance a poem about a photograph or a novel about a film. Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn” is a prime example of this type of writing, since the entire poem concerns the appearance and meaning of an ancient piece of pottery”. In short, it’s a form of interstitial art. 🙂

Voices of Venus ft Marta Singh!

Hi folks!
Sorry for the radio silence. Things are a bit nutty in my personal life, what with moving apartments and getting married (in two weeks!), so the updates have been rather slower than I might otherwise like.
None the less, I do want to make sure everyone knows about this week’s show.

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY December 12th for "Landscapes of Silence" and Tales of Wonder from Argentina!

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY December 12th for “Landscapes of Silence” and Tales of Wonder from Argentina!

This month, we’re excited to bring you Storyteller Marta Singh, who will be telling us Tales of Wonder from Northwest Argentina, as well as pieces from her two-hour set “Landscapes of Silence” which is all about growing up in a family with Secrets.
From her bio:
A recent arrival on the storytelling scene, Marta has already made a noticeable impact in her own community of Ottawa, in the Eastern Townships, and in a number of other Ontario locations. She has told regularly at the Ottawa StoryTellers series at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre, performed with the epic group Stories from the Ages, and been featured at festivals in Sherbrooke, PQ, and St. Mary’s, Ontario. Argentinean by birth she tells in English, Spanish and bilingually. Performances by Marta leave audiences spell-bound. Her repertoire includes traditional, literary and personal stories. She is definitely a teller to watch.
Come out and join us!
As always, our all-women open mic is ready and waiting for you to share your own work – and you get in free, if you perform. For those of you (of any gender) who wish to be part of our audience, the cover is $5/pwyc, and we would love to have you!
Looking forward to seeing you on what just might be a snowy December night.
Ms. A.

VoV ft Joanne John

Literary Poet and Playwrite Joanne John Joins Us on November 14th
You Should, Too!

Hey, everybody!
So it’s that time again. This month, we’re bringing you Joanne John. Joanne is a long-time literary poet whose work has been performed at Arts Court, the AfriCanadian Playwright’s Conference and the Harbourfront Festival. She has been a frequent feature at the Dusty Owl Reading Series and her piece “On Wellington Street”, told from the point of view of a street-based sexworker, won the Canadian Authors Associate Poetry Contest.
As always, our all-women open mic is looking for participants, so do come out and sign up. 😀 Open mic participants get in free. For everyone else, you can enjoy our show for the low, low price of $5 (or pay what you can).
We’ll see you there. 🙂