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Voices of Venus 4th Birthday Party and Grand Finale ft Klayani Pandya and Pearl Pirie

Hello everybody!

This Wednesday, May 8th, marks VoV’s 4th birthday and will also wrap up four years of monthly shows.

Come for the Open Mic Stay for the Features And Also the Cupcakes

Come for the Open Mic
Stay for the Features
And Also the Cupcakes

Join us for birthday cupcakes, bring your own stories and poems to our all-women open mic, and enjoy feature performances by poetry scene veteran Pearl Pirie and up-and-coming story-teller Kalyani Pandya. Let’s take things out with a bang! 😀


Final Instalment of VoV’s Monthly Showcase

So, as you know, next month marks VoV’s fourth anniversary.
To mark the occasion, our show will include multiple feature performers and, of course, cupcakes for all to enjoy. Partly this is to celebrate four years of women’s live lit and spoken word in Ottawa; but it’s also a farewell party that will take us out with a bang.
Next month’s show, May 8th, will be VoV’s final instalment as a monthly showcase.
While Voices of Venus will continue to run Special Presentations as and when we have the opportunity to do so, I can no-longer financially support this showcase and, thus, it’s time for me to move on to other adventures.
You all, of course, have been utterly wonderful, and I absolutely treasure what we’ve made together. 🙂
Thank you.

Stories and Thanks (a very quick post)

I just wanted to link people to this post by storyteller Marta Singh. It’s a re-telling (putting her own spin on the tale, as happens in storytelling) of a piece told by one of our open mic performers at July’s show. Check it out. 🙂

While I’m at it, I also want to send a shout-out to our fabulous host, Nadine Thornhill, who – despite some overwhelming stuff happing in her own life – took on the admin side of VoV for the August show while I was dealing with the death of a relative (and the travel-commitments connected there-to). Thank you! 😀

Stay tuned for information about next month’s show. 😀


Happy Birthday to Us!

So. One week from today is our May show. Which means: One week from today is our third birthday.

That’s right, Voices of Venus is three years old!
We started in 2009 with high hopes and limitted expertese, but look where we are now. 😀
In three years, we’ve featured world-renouned poets and storytellers, award winning novelists, slam champions, and poet laureates. We’ve also seen countless women take a chance on themselves and start performing – it seems like every single month, someone pops their performance cherry with us, and that just means the world to me.
So, I want to say thank you – ideally without starting to gush too much (always a risk) – to all of you who come out every month, whether you’re a regular on our open mic, an audience member who shows up and supports women artists and performers with your presence, your applause, and your money[1], or someone who drops in when you can, you make this show the fun, vibrant, welcoming event that it is.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀
To that end: We’re going to have cupcakes at the May 9th show and, if we can swing it, a couple of give-aways as well. 😀
Hope to see you on the 9th!

[1] We’ve always been firm on paying our feature performers, because women’s stories and art in general are both valuable and one way we can show that is through paying for the privilege of experiencing women artists’ work.