Women’s Slam 2014

This year’s women’s slam is coming up THIS WEEK at Pressed Cafe! Show at 7:15
Cover = $8 at the door (free for competing poets). All women-identified poets welcome to slam. Who’s gonna be there? 😀


One thought on “Women’s Slam 2014

  1. Reblogged this on The Breathings of My Heart and commented:

    I don’t tend to promote stuff on this blog unless I’m directly involved with it. In a way, this is no different. I’m not a slam poet, not a competitive poet in that particular way. But I’m loosely involved in helping to organize this one due to being on the VERSeFEst organizing committee. I’ve been more involved in previous years, and it’s kinda nice to sit back and just let someone else deal with the Organizing aspect while I turn up, pay my eight bucks, and enjoy the show. This show’s on Wednesday (THIS Wednesday), January 29th at a cafe that is VERY convenient to me, and I’m looking forward to drinking a peary cider, eating a really excellent sandwich, and enjoying some of Ottawa’s best slam poets strutting their stuff on stage. If you’re a fan of slam and/or a fan of women poets – or, hey, if you’re a woman-ientified poet who slams – I do hope you’ll come out on Wedensday and maybe even get up on stage. 😀

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