Em Kwissa’s Dealings with Lulu.com

Am I Not - Emily Kwissa

Hi. This isn’t Emily. My name is Rusty Priske and I am a friend who is trying to help her with the problems she has been having with Lulu.com. Em has provided all the screen captures included. This is her story.

There is a much bigger background to all of this… much, much bigger.  That is not my story to tell, however. It is Emily’s.

Emily chose to share that story in the form of a memoir. The book reveals her story of growing up abused (sexually, physically, psychologically) by the person she now refers to as ‘my mother’s ex-husband’ but who was once her step-father.

You can download and read the book at Emily’s website – under the Media tab. (It is currently available for Kindle and Kobo e-readers, but anyone who prefers a pdf can send her an e-mail and get it that way. She is also arranging…

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2 thoughts on “Em Kwissa’s Dealings with Lulu.com

  1. Emily is my grandniece. I didn’t know what was happening to her and the family. My husband and I inherited her wonderful dog, Sassy, before the family left for Colorado. We were aware that Sassy was often beaten by Emily’s stepfather. When Em visited at one time, she had a shower and left the bathroom door open because she had been told not to close it. She cried when it was time to leave and asked her mother if she could stay.

  2. Why should Emily defend her work as not being fiction when it was outsiders who first helped to bring the family’s situation to light? Indeed, fear kept her, her mother and siblings from stepping forward. Predators are clever at playing the innocent and covering their tracks. Often, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Could they survive a polygraph test? They move on to new families as if the past doesn’t exist. How convenient.

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