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Ditch Magazine – Girls’ Night Out

So, Ditch has created a page to celebrate the Canadian and international women writers who have contributed to their magazine.

Contributions to literary magazines seem to run about 70% male to 30% female. There doesn’t appear to be any clear answer as to why more women don’t submit – the reasons are as varied as the women themselves.

No, me and my cynical side, look at that statement and think:
But, wait. “Contribution” means a piece that gets accepted for publication. That’s not the same as “Submission”. There are two things being said here…
None the less, I appreciate Ditch’s putting up this page, featuring links to the work of all their women contributors. If you are looking for avant guarde and experimental women poets to read on your own, or to invite to you stage, this would be a good place to start. 🙂
Their list includes Ottawa’s own Amanda Earl, Christine McNair, and Pearl Pirie, as well as many, many others.
Here’s the link.


Reading Out Loud

This isn’t a women-only performance, but you might enjoy checking it out. 🙂

The Breathings of My Heart

So Venus Envy is hosting their annual Reading Out Loud show tonight. It’s a show where influential-in-some-way members of the local QUILTBAG community perform readings from books that influenced them.
In my case, I suspect I’ve been tapped to perform due to my work with Voices of Venus. I’ll be reading a few sellections from the writings of Kathryn Payne and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.
Both authors appear in Brazen Femme, but I’ll also be reading from another of Leah’s essays plus a poem by Kathryn.
I’ll be reading with:
Kandace Price
Rukiya Mohamed
Jess Freedman
Eddie Ndopu
Margo MacDonald
I’m hoping it all goes well.
I’m also hoping that there will be refreshments available, but I put that down to my needing to eat lunch. 😉
If you’re local, I hope you’ll swing by VE tonight and take in the show. 🙂

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Em Kwissa’s Dealings with

Am I Not - Emily Kwissa

Hi. This isn’t Emily. My name is Rusty Priske and I am a friend who is trying to help her with the problems she has been having with Em has provided all the screen captures included. This is her story.

There is a much bigger background to all of this… much, much bigger.  That is not my story to tell, however. It is Emily’s.

Emily chose to share that story in the form of a memoir. The book reveals her story of growing up abused (sexually, physically, psychologically) by the person she now refers to as ‘my mother’s ex-husband’ but who was once her step-father.

You can download and read the book at Emily’s website – under the Media tab. (It is currently available for Kindle and Kobo e-readers, but anyone who prefers a pdf can send her an e-mail and get it that way. She is also arranging…

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