Post-Show Discussion – Rubies Indeed

So, that was fucking awesome. 😀

The Rubies – Photo by Brian Pirie (…I Think)

We had a full house for our January show last night and, while the open mic was small, it was also good, featuring veteran scene poets and brand new performers alike. 🙂
I think if one phrase stuck out, for me, it was from Robin K. Macdonald’s set, her poem about Cree language and the names of birds, her words “hear you sound like the break of day”.
Holy life, it took my breath. O.O
Also, if any of you were, like me, wondering what “Ekphrastic” means, here you go. It means “writing that comments upon another art form, for instance a poem about a photograph or a novel about a film. Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn” is a prime example of this type of writing, since the entire poem concerns the appearance and meaning of an ancient piece of pottery”. In short, it’s a form of interstitial art. 🙂

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