Voices of Venus ft Marta Singh!

Hi folks!
Sorry for the radio silence. Things are a bit nutty in my personal life, what with moving apartments and getting married (in two weeks!), so the updates have been rather slower than I might otherwise like.
None the less, I do want to make sure everyone knows about this week’s show.

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY December 12th for "Landscapes of Silence" and Tales of Wonder from Argentina!

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY December 12th for “Landscapes of Silence” and Tales of Wonder from Argentina!

This month, we’re excited to bring you Storyteller Marta Singh, who will be telling us Tales of Wonder from Northwest Argentina, as well as pieces from her two-hour set “Landscapes of Silence” which is all about growing up in a family with Secrets.
From her bio:
A recent arrival on the storytelling scene, Marta has already made a noticeable impact in her own community of Ottawa, in the Eastern Townships, and in a number of other Ontario locations. She has told regularly at the Ottawa StoryTellers series at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre, performed with the epic group Stories from the Ages, and been featured at festivals in Sherbrooke, PQ, and St. Mary’s, Ontario. Argentinean by birth she tells in English, Spanish and bilingually. Performances by Marta leave audiences spell-bound. Her repertoire includes traditional, literary and personal stories. She is definitely a teller to watch.
Come out and join us!
As always, our all-women open mic is ready and waiting for you to share your own work – and you get in free, if you perform. For those of you (of any gender) who wish to be part of our audience, the cover is $5/pwyc, and we would love to have you!
Looking forward to seeing you on what just might be a snowy December night.
Ms. A.

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