VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam – Q-Round Two Results

Hey folks!

Saturday’s VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam brought in faces familiar and new from across the local scene. Lanark County’s Dimorphic set the tone as Sacrificial Poet, but it was new, young poets who made waves this time around:
Fourth place went to Missaralee, third place went to Ottawa Youth Slam juggernaught CauseMo, and Freedom Writer took home second place. First place, however, went to a national-scene slam veteran Kay’la Fraser, who recently relocated to Ottawa. All four will be moving on the Championship showdown in January along with Q-Round One’s four top placers Dimorphic, Elle P, Jenna Tenn-Yuk, and Hannah Christie.

That’s good company to be keeping if you make it to the Championship.

The final four championship competitors will be determined at Q-Round THREE, btw, which is coming in late-November 2012. If you want to be in the Finals, you need to be on that stage.

I’ll keep you posted as details emerge. 🙂

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