Quick Re-Cap of July Show

Wednesday’s show was absolutely lovely.

The open mic was short, but included more story-tellers than I think the OM has ever been graced with at once.  One woman told – and it really was told – a story about being a shape-shifter whose magic was wearing out.  The other read a brutal story about her time as a soldier in Afghanistan.  Two very different tales, and I’m glad to heard them both.  It was a treat, too, to hear veteran poet and blogger Amanda Earl graced us with a couple of poems.  That wasn’t all, but those were some of the highlights.

Sandra was fantastic.  I’m so glad to have been able to feature her on our stage.

She did a series of related poems inspired by Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde infamy) and both her choices of words and her delivery (the words rolling in her mouth like blood or rock candy) – names like Sugar, like Arkansas – drew me into the story as she told it piece by piece, poem by poem.


Next month, we’ll be featuring Rhonda Douglas, another local literary poet.  If you enjoyed Sandra’s show, you’ll probably enjoy Rhonda’s work as well.  Do come out and join us at Venus Envy in August. 🙂




Keep your eyes open.  We’ve got another, quite different show coming up in less than a week – El Jones is coming to town and VoV, with a hand from Spoken Word at Pressed, will be presented a spoken word show (with a co-ed open mic – not something we typically do around here) feature El Jones and raising funds for VERSeFest.


Details coming soon. 🙂





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