V is for Victory

Hey folks,

I just thought I’d take a minute to spread the word, now that the dust has settled a little.

For the first time, since 2007, there’s a woman on the Capital Slam Team.

V – whose poetry blog is available here – placed second over-all (you can read the write-up here) and will be going to CFSW in Saskatoon with the rest of the team.

It’s been a long time – five years, which, I gather, is approximately forever in the high turn-over world of slam – since there’s been a woman on the CapSlam team.
I’m glad to see that they have V on the team now and hope this bodes well for the future. There are so many tallented women who come to the poetry stages in Ottawa.
Here’s hoping that they see V – as well as last year’s CapSlam Rookie of the Year, Coleen Leafloor, Ottawa Fountain’s CauseMo, and the numerous poets involved with Project Reclamation – and recognize that there’s plenty of room on Ottawa’s many Slam stages for them.

You can read more about V on the Capital Slam blog.

As for Voices of Venus, we’re hoping we can entice V to feature on our stage in the near future. Stay tuned.


One thought on “V is for Victory

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