Telling The Odyssey

Hey, Cats and Kitties,

Check this out:

The Ottawa Storytellers and Two Women Productions made their fundraising goal and their full-scale telling of The Odyssey is happening tomorrow (June 16th) at the NAC 4th stage.

Frequently, when people think “spoken word” they think of poetry (and often, specifically, competitive slam poetry) and storytelling gets left out of the picture or presumed to be just for kids.
It’s not.
Storytelling is an old, old artform. As old as poetry, when poetry and prose were the same craft, when “historian” and “entertainer” fell under the same job description: Griot, Bard, Skald.

Canada has many excellent storytellers to its name – Kung Jaadee, Street Vibe Collective’s Alice Lee Monroe, Ivan Coyote, Katherine Grier, Dr. Rita Cox, Kim Kilpatrick, world-renouned storyteller Jennifer Cayley, and upcoming VoV Feature Performer (December 2012) Marta Singh, just to name a few.

If you’ve been to some of our shows, you will have already heard Marie Bilodeau, Ruthanne Edward, and Jan Andrews work their magic. They are only three of the eighteen performers involved in telling the Odyssey this weekend.

If you have the chance (and the $60), grab tickets at the NAC Box Office (or online) and join us tomorrow for an Epic storytelling adventure.

See you there.

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