PSA – May 25th Once Upon a Slam CANCELLED

Hey folks,

Sorry to be blogging with crappy news, but here goes:

You may recall that, at our birthday show, we gave away two tickets to the May 25th story slam ft C.S.E. Cooney.

Much to our dismay (particularly mine, since I’m a Cooney fan and was looking forward to hearing more of her work), we’ve learned that this evening’s Once Upon a Slam show has been cancelled due to a booking issue with the venue.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

On the plus side, our ticket-winners can use their May 25th tickets to attend the finals on June 22nd.
So hang onto those tickets, winners! 😀

If you are a storytelling fan and were hoping to get out to a show this evening, you might try swinging by the Billings Estate Museum (2100 Cabot St) for Chautauqua’s Variety 1916.

From the OST Website:
This year’s show, set in 1916 has a wide variety of topics. It is the middle of the First World War, so saboteurs are seen everywhere, and on a frigid February night, the parliament Buildings mysteriously burn to the ground ; it is a time of travelling shows featuring strong men; it is a time of vaudeville; it is a time when many people distrust doctors and seek help from quack medicine cures; it is a time of recitations and wonderful songs; it is a time when women are fighting for their rights; it is also a time of bad, very bad, poetry. And all these and more are featured in Variety 1916.

WW1 era costumes are encouraged, but not mandatory. Tickets are $15 at the door.

Take care, everybody.

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