Give-Aways Goodies at Our Birthday Party!

So, as you know bob, Wednesday (that’s THIS Wednesday, May 9th) is Voices of Venus’ third birthday. We are, of course, going to have a bit of a Do (you can RSVP here, if you’re inclined).

I’ll be bringing four dozen cupcakes – some of which will be gluten-free and some one which will be vegan – in a variety of flavours.


Thanks to Once Upon a Slam, we’ll be giving away two tickets to their May 25th show – which features out of town poet, novelist and storyteller Claire S. E. Cooney (who’s also in town doing “Echoes of the Dead” with Ruthanne Edward at the NAC 4th Stage).
She’ll be performing tall tales of wonder and enchantment (with her usual dramatic flair) chez Mercury Loung on May 25th, and TWO of our birthday guests get to see her! (Suggestion: If you’re competing, yourself, at Once Upon a Slam this month, use your free tickets to bring a couple of friends).


We’re also giving away two tickets to VERSeOttawa’s Women’s Slam (brought to you by the folks who brought you VERSeFest) – You and a friend (or, if you manage to snag one of the twelve compentition spots, you and TWO friends, since the slam is free for competitors) get to check out Round One on us and cheer for your favourites as Ottawa’s Women of Slam go toe to toe for a spot on the Championship Lineup.

All that and Alessandra Naccarato, too! You don’t want to miss this show! 😀

See you on Wednesday!
A. 😀

2 thoughts on “Give-Aways Goodies at Our Birthday Party!

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