VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam

So. As you know bob, last January, VERSeOttawa held the city’s first ever Women’s Slam Championship – a by-invitation competition featuring poets from across Ottawa’s slam history.
It was the first. But it won’t be the last.

Over the course of 2012, VERSeOttawa, with help from Capital Slam and Voices of Venus, will be hosting a series of women’s slams – three Qualifying Rounds that will culminate in the Women’s Slam Championship.
The Qualifying Rounds are open competitions – if you ID as a woman and a poet, you can put your name on our sign-up list and compete for a spot on the championship line.
12 spots
2 rounds
4 poets move on to compete for the Championship title

Why am I bringing this up now?
Because the first Qualifying Round will take place just over a month from now, on Saturday, May 19th, at the Mercury Lounge.
It will be hosted by the adorkable Nadine Thornhill and it will feature YOU.

Doors and sign-up at 6:30pm
Show starts at 7pm
Cover = $8 (free for competitors)

How it works:
Poets sign up for one of the twelve competition spots BUT you don’t get to choose when you perform — once the list is full, performance order is determined by random draw (we’ll be pulling your names out of a hat on stage).
When your name is called, you have three minutes to wow the audience – and the randomly sellected judges – with your poem. You get points for performance style, word play, image, metaphor, and stage presence (basically at the judges’ discretion), and you lose points from every second you go overtime.
Everyone goes on twice.
At the end of the night, the scores are tallied and the four top poets are announced.
Those four get a spot in the Championship line-up and a shot at Eternal Glory and a paid gig at VERSeFest.

So. Women of Poetry. If you have the urge to compete on the slam stage, come out on May 19th, sign up, and rock the mic.
Can’t wait to see you!

Here. Have some poetry to inspire you:

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