A Note About Encore!West

So, as you know bob, we’ve got a celebrated storyteller in to perform at VoV tomorrow night (you can listen to her telling traditional all-ages stories, mostly from Whales and England, here – link goes to “Tiddy Mun” – FYI).

With that in mind, however, I figured I put in a plug for Encore West’s new storytelling series:
The Ottawa Storytellers have started a new, somewhat irregular, series, hosted at Collected Works bookstore.
They kicked it off with a telling of “The Illiad (in and Hour!)”, by Jeff Wright, and from here-on-in, you can stop in on Friday nights once a month (see schedule, below) for stories from local and traveling storytellers. It’s $8/PWYC, and – judging by the stories and artists lined up to tell tales – more than worth the price of admission.

Just check out all the women who are already booked to perform:

Small TownTales – April 13
FT Leah Sander, Sherri Yazdani

Celebrating 200 Years of Grimm – May 4
FT Kathie Kompass, Mary Wiggin

Ghostly Tales – October 5
FT Ruthanne Edward, Anne Nagy

The Stone Book – November 2
FT Jan Andrews

Tales of the Season – December 7
FT Elaine O’Reilly, Lynda Joyce, Kathie Kompass, Mary Wiggin

We’ll see you tomorrow (Wednesday) for Jan Andrews and “Who Wants the Dress”, and hopefully we’ll see you at Encore West as well. 😀

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