Jan Andrews – This Wednesday at VoV!

Just a quick reminder that Jan Andrews will be performing “Who Wants the Dress” at VoV this Wednesday, March 14th. 😀

Once Upon a Slam has this to say about the show:

When Jan was growing up, way back in the 1950’s, people did what they always do to children. They asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She answered many times but not once did it occur to her to say, “I want to be a lesbian.” How could it? After all, “lesbian” was a word that was whispered only in dark corners; gay men could still be sent to jail.

Jan was well into her forties before she entered into a same sex relationship. Even her coming out is now a while ago, however. She thought turmoil and trauma were behind her. Her world seemed safe and clear.

So they were, until she was brought face to face with an alternate reality: a reality which carried her back to when she had wanted nothing more than to wear boys clothing; when, if the times had been different – freer, more open — she might well have chosen to come to adulthood dressed in male attire.

Jan’s story is woven around a literary story of magic realism by English writer Sara Maitland. A young man in a seal hunting community adhering to tradition dresses in women’s clothing for his first hunt. He dons the dress and undergoes a startling transformation. Who Wants the Dress? is the tale of what happened next.


See you on Wednesday! 😀



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