Women Rock the Mic – Sepideh

So, next week kicks off VERSeFest, and VoV will be hosting “Women Rock the Mic”, a show featuring the four winners of the Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship.

With that in mind, I thought I’d spend some time introducing our four performers.

Last up in our parade of Champions is spirited and soulful Sepideh.


Sepideh is a 21 year-old spoken word artist, born in the city of Tehran and raised in the suburbs of Toronto. She is an avid traveler and can often be found writing about her experiences in the bustling stalls of the Bangladesh Market in Durban or the standstill traffic of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her poetry is decidedly personal, focuses on rich imagery and ranges from the lyrical to the critical. A believer of the diversity of voices that can and do exist in spoken word, Sepideh’s writing frequently touches on the themes of gender, identity, history, and nature. Much of her work emerged from the solitude of the tiny apartment she rented one summer in Paris. Sepideh was one of three poets selected for a special performance at the finals night of the 2010 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. When she’s not writing or performing poetry she can be found somewhere in a quiet corner reading Rumi or attempting to tune all 72 strings of her instrument, the santour.

Pearl Pirie says: You don’t want to miss, if you can help it, the story of returning to her grandfather’s hometown, imagining what it must have been like for her Afghani grandmother “where she never wakes up to the stigma of where comes from…there is a place…hundreds of pistachios open their mouths to tell us…” Tell us what? Come on the 29th.

You can see one of her performances here, and find out more about Sepideh here.

As Pearl suggests, see you at VERSeFest on February 29th,

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