Women Rock the Mic – D-LightFull

So, next week kicks off VERSeFest, and VoV will be hosting “Women Rock the Mic”, a show featuring the four winners of the Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship.

With that in mind, I thought I’d spend some time introducing our four performers.

Next up, we have VoV Alumna D-Lightful, who has been described as having the kind of spunk “that makes the audience hoot and clap thru it”.

D-Lightful on stage

Magdala “D-LightFull” Joseph is a Christian poet who started her career at the tender age of 10, with basic love poems, transitioning to rap three years later and finally stumbling upon spoken word at the age of 19. She debuted her slamming in Ottawa in September of 2009.
Her work is inspired by the many relationships she’s had whether it be spiritual, emotional, racial or political. Though some may only know her as the “love poet”, D-LightFull talks much about racism and spiritual struggling. She will not shy away from politics as well, whenever necessary.

You can view one of her performances here.

See you at VERSeFest on February 29th,

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