Women Rock the Mic – Elle P.

So, next week kicks off VERSeFest, and VoV will be hosting “Women Rock the Mic”, a show featuring the four winners of the Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship.

With that in mind, I thought I’d spend some time introducing our four performers.

First up is Elle P.

Elle P. on stage

Elle P has been described as “a local emcee that and flip between hip hop and poetry like a gymnast”, and as a poet who commands attention with her presence even when speaking quietly.

She says: A fulfilling life demands constant attention to our goals. The search for truth and clarity is part of our human experience. I want to share my experiences and insights in this journey of discovery through the medium of the spoken word.

You can check out a few of her performances here, here, and here.

See you at VERSeFest on February 29th,

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