Poetry for the End of the World

It’s tonight! Drop by Arts Court Theatre at 7pm for a poetry party in honour of the apocalypse. Whee!

There will be music from Call Me Katie and Puggie Hammer.
There will be feature performances by Kevin Matthews, Rhonda Douglas (so you can get a sneak peak before her VoV show in August), David O’Meara, and the Rogue Page, Brigette DePape.

There will be a slew of open-mic performances (sign-up is closed at this point – sorry folks) and the winner of the End of the World poetry contest will be crowned.

There will also be sandwiches (from Pressed), desserts, and beer (from St Ambroise) as well as t-shirts for sale.

It’ll be a good night. 🙂

See you there,

3 thoughts on “Poetry for the End of the World

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