A Breath of Fresh (Air)

So, as you know from our upcoming events list, Pearl Pirie is launching “In Air / Air Out” a chapbook featuring twenty-one poets and meant to raise funds for the Guatemala Stove Project.

The show is this Thursday (tomorrow), 7pm at Collected Works and you can catch me (I’ll be reading poetry about sex and sexwork — who’s surprised) and VoV alumna Amanda Earl (from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back at the beginning, in June 2009), as well as rob mclennan, Mike Montreuil, and Luminita Suse. Cover-charge is by-donation ($5 recommended) and you can also purchase copies of the chapbook. Stop in for some poetry, a cup of tea, and a breath. 🙂

See you there.

In Air / Air Out: 21 Poets for the Guatemala Stove Project - Launch on January 19th, 2012 - 7pm at Collected Works

2 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh (Air)

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