VERSeFest is Coming (look busy)

So, as you know bob, Voices of Venus is involved with VERSeFest (specifically, on Wednesday, February 29th, we’ll be hosting the Ottawa Women’s Slam champion and her runners up for an evening of poetry as only VoV can provide (… okay, I don’t actually know if there’s going to be burlesque involved this year, but…).

As such, I’m making a point of directing you to a number of relevant sites:

First: has launched. Go check it out. You’ll be blown away by the line-up (plus the site is so spiffy!)

Second: Now that you’ve been mind-boggled, Capital Slam has some much-needed information for you if you want to take part in that workshop with Ursula Rucker.

Third: We’re doing two fundraising shows for VERSeFest and they are both coming up fast:
The first is next weekend’s Poetry for the End of the World – a poetry party where you can drink, dance, declaim, and help send a poem literally to the end of the world — via giant, shining, weather-balloon (yes really).
The second is the afore-mentioned Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship. You, yourself, might end up being one of the judges who determines the line-up for VoV’s VERSeFest show.
You should come to both of them. 😀


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