January Show ft Kay’la Fraser

Voices of Venus - January 11th 2012 - Women's Open Mic ft Kay'la Fraser

Happy New Year everybody! 😀

To kick of 2012 VoV is super-excited to bring you Guelph Diva Kay’la (Kiki) Fraser! 😀

Kay’la Fraser is a soft-spoken yet eccentric writer, performer and arts educator who fell in love with performance and language arts at a young age. She has found a way to weave her life’s passion into a seamless yet edgy tapestry through spoken word.

Since first appearing on the scene in August 2008, Kay’la has established herself as both a serious competitor and artist in the community. She has competed at a national level in Canada and the USA, and featured at events including: Tongues of Fire and Nuit Blanche. In Ottawa, you may have seen her perform as a Feature at Capital Slam, as part of When Sisters Speak, and in Springfest (with Chocolate Fountain).

She is also a cheesecake fiend, a wearer of many hats and a purveyor of random acts of poetry.

You can check out some of her work on Youtube at the following links:

Lessons For My Daughter

Street Sweeper

My Definition

$5 gets you in the door, and performers in the women’s open mic get in for free.

See you there! 😀

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