September 2011 Show ft Oni the Haitian Sensation

Happy September everybody!

Okay.  So, as-you-know-bob, we’re making some changes this month in terms of our standard date and location.

We’re now located at Venus Envy and our show will be taking place on the second WEDNESDAY of the month.

This month, we have as our fabulous feature, none other than activist-poet Oni the Haitian Sensation!

Oni the Haitian Sensation features this Wednesday, September 14th, at Voices of Venus

Oni the Haitian Sensation is a godmother of Canadian Slam, an HIV/AIDS activist and educator, a mom, a multi-award winning poet, and the first Canadian woman to tour slam poetry in Europe. She became Canada’s first Slam poetry academic in 2008 at York University, has worked with Cirque du Soleil, and has taken tea with Nelson Mandela at his home in Johannesburg. She has toured four continents and plans to tour all seven.

This month she’ll be bringing work from her acclaimed anthology, “Ghettostocracy”, and – we can only hope – her erotica CD, “The Bedside Booty Book”, as well as other pieces to the VoV stage.

We’re very happy to have her. 😀

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