Women’s Monthly Spoken Word Show Teams Up With Infamous Sex Books and Toys Store

Starting Wednesday, September 14th, 2011, you can enjoy your favourite female-identified wordsmiths and slam-spittin’ divas to a backdrop of sassy dildos and provocative, educational literature. Thanks to the renewal of a project grant by the Ontario Arts Council, Voices of Venus is determined to take their commitment to the feminist open mic experience to new heights. Not only has VoV moved to the second WEDNESDAY of every month, but we’re calling Venus Envy our new home.

The move isn’t just for the synchronicity of both venue and show being named after the mythic Roman goddess of love and sexual autonomy – there are logistical reasons as well. Ottawa’s booming poetry and lit scene is attracting more and more events on Tuesdays, especially VoV’s old date, the second Tuesday of the month. By moving to the second Wednesday of the month, spoken word scenesters and live-lit lovers don’t have to choose between VoV and other events, such as Stories and Tea, Tree Reading Series, and the Creative Writing Play Date.

Beyond this, we feel that, as a women-centric, woman-run, independent bookstore, and as an actively queer-and-trans-friendly and sex-positive space, Venus Envy reflects the values and interests of the showcase and is an ideal space for us to live.

We hope you’ll come out and join us in our new home next month, on Wednesday, September 14th, as we warm up VE’s already smokin atmosphere with a visit from Slam Kingston dynamo Winona Linn, a spoken word artist and CFSW competitor who has featured at events for OXFAM, Native Friendship Centres, and Women’s Rights Rallies across Canada.

See you there. 🙂

A & F

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