Community Support vs Facebook?

Okay, this is perhaps a weird post to be putting on a blog about women poets, writers, and storytellers, but bear with me.

As you know, Voices of Venus is a queer-and-trans-friendly and sex-positive showcase. Always has been. As such, we’re interested in sticking up for other women-focused, sex-positive, queer-and-trans-friendly spaces. Spaces like Venus Envy, the local book-and-toy-store which recently had its 18+designated ads censored by Facebook.

I know. WTF. (Then again, given FB’s track record when it comes to, say, breast-feeding pics, maybe this is not that surprising).

So. Because VE is all about showcasing art by local women artists and – more to the VoV-related point – books by Canadian writers and performers like Ivan E. Coyote, Anna Camilleri, Amber Dawn, and Tara-Michelle Ziniuk, I’m asking, if you agree that FB’s censorship of VE is wrong, and if you haven’t done this already (I know that many of you have), please go to the go to the Venus Envy Ottawa Page and join it by pressing the “like” button. Sure, you’ll get information from them about workshops, events (like the upcoming Reading Out Loud event), BUT you’ll also be showing your support for sexual awareness and enjoyment AND for Canadian independent writers, performers, and, yes, book stores.

– Thanks a tonne.
– A.

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