August 9th – VoV Features Sarah Musa!

Well, our August show is upon us, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all about it.

Our feature performer will be none other than the esteemed Sarah Musa, whose talents are well-known throughout the local spoken word scene.

Sarah describes herself as “an old soul in a young body, a daughter to a strong woman, a young woman that observes her surroundings, a teacher to those willing to learn from her, and a student to those willing to teach her […] a lover, and a fighter for truth”.

In addition to being an excellent poet, she is also an activist, a believer, an educator and an aspiring film-maker.

Please join us on August 9th, 8pm at Umi Cafe (610 Somerset West), for an evening of passionate and thought-provoking poetry by Sarah Musa. As always, we will also be hosting a women-only open mic, so ladies: bring your best poetry and short storytelling to our stage (if you sign up for the open mic, you get in free!)

As a final note, please stick around after the show, as VoV has some big news of its own that we’re looking forward to sharing.

We look forward to seeing you there. 😀

– A.

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