July 2011 Show in Brief

So.  Our July show was last night, and our Feature Performer was Allison Shaw, a young, Ottawa poet who I chanced to find through one of her pieces, which was published in ARC Poetry magazine.


Before last night, I’d read all of one of Allison Shaw’s poems, and was otherwise unfamiliar with her work.  We took a chance on her, figuring that her publication record and her arts-specialization education were indications of both talent and skill as a writer.  I think the risk paid off.


Allison is a talented poet and, at nineteen, her craft and her stage presence are only going to get better with time.  As for her poems, themselves:  I particularly enjoyed the piece about her grandfather, talking about memory, about what stays and what disappears with age.  I also enjoyed her piece about Odysseus and Calypso, the last lines of which were particularly poignant.  And I loved her Paradise Lost-inspired piece, which talked about the Fall from the perspective of Lucifer.  That one gave me tingles.


I’ve suggested that, as a poet who writes on fantastical themes, she might consider checking out Goblin Fruit magazine and, potentially, submitting something.


I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Allison Shaw at subsequent Voices of Venus events, and hope that she’ll grace us with her talents during the open mic portion of our shows.



Stay tuned.  August’s show brings us the poetic stylings of Sarah Musa (who is competing in the Urban Legends Finals this Friday, the 15th, at the GCTC, FYI).  Come out, take part, and enjoy the show.



– Cheers,

– Allison.

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