July 2011 Show ft Allison Shaw

So, this being a new blog, it’s perhaps not surprising that our first post is one to promote our upcoming show.

Because we are (or were, for the 2010-2011 season) funded by an Ontario Arts Council grant, our “season” runs from August to July every year.

Consequently, this show is our Season Finale.  As such, I hope you’ll turn up if you can.

Allison Shaw grew up in Ottawa and attended Canterbury High School, specializing in Literary Arts.  Currently, she’s enrolled at Carleton University’s College of the Humanities.  At age nineteen, her work is already being recognized, and she has been published by both the Claremont Review and ARC Poetry Magazine.

Like other VoV features (such as Ruthanne Edward, Kathryn Hunt, Caitlyn Paxson, and, Amal El-Mohtar), Allison takes her inspiration from myth, legend and fairy tale, as well as the everyday magic that she encounters in her own life.

I do hope you’ll join us tomorrow, July 12th, 2011 for our Season Finale show.  $5 gets you in the door (though we won’t turn you away if you can’t afford that much), and gals who sign up to perform in the open mic get in for free.

Doors / Sign-Up: 7pm

Open Mic: 8pm

Feature Performer: 9pm

Hope to see you there.



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